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Services Provided

Steele Animal Hospital provides an array of services for your companion animals. These services include:

Information Every Pet Owner Should Know.

The importance of preventative medicine cannot be denied. Many disease processes can be treated more effectively with early intervention. Routine examinations can help to diagnose an illness at an earlier stage.

With routine diagnostic testing, a series of internal problems can be detected, including: intestinal parasites, heartworms, liver or kidney disease, cardiac or respiratory malfunctions, anemia, infection, diabetes and other maladies.

Vaccinations help to prevent many deadly diseases that can affect your dog or cat. Even if your pet never leaves the security of your home, he/she may be susceptible to certain viruses. We recommend a series of vaccinations for all young puppies and kittens and an annual physical and semi-annual vaccinations for older pets.

Rabies is a virus that affects humans as well as many mammals. For this reason all dogs and cats in Pinellas are required to be vaccinated and licensed. This ordinance is enforced by Pinellas County Animal Services. Presently there is a 3 year rabies vaccine available in Pinellas County.

The needs of pets vary considerably from infancy through geriatrics. It is the focus of Steele Animal Hospital to educate our clients about the needs of their pets as they grow and age. Annual physical exams allow us to evaluate your pets and meet his/her individual needs.

Common Signs of a Sick Pet

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